Our Story

The All African Women’s Group is a group of women asylum seekers immigrants and refugees from all over the world. The group was formed in 2003. It is a self-help group and each fortnight over 60 women meet at the Crossroads Women’s Centre to plan our campaigns and work on our own and each other’s cases collectively. Many of us fled persecution and war. Many of us are survivors of rape and most of us are mothers, some separated from our children. Our problem is that our asylum claims are denied and we left with nowhere to sleep, no money and no food. Some of us are lesbian and bi and some have been locked up in detention centres; many have suffered racist attacks. We speak out publicly against these injustices. We also volunteer at work sessions that happen during the week where, with other women’s groups like Black Women’s Rape Action Project and Women Against Rape, we take calls from women in detention. We are often a lifeline for women inside. We use our experience to give women suggestions on what to do and send them information like Legal Action for Women’s asylum guide.